Is Point of Use Filter the Right Fit for You?

Point of Entry filters are quite popular for a long time now. However, there are many American homes that are now considering a Point of Use filter for their property. It is true that there are many advantages of installing a point of use (POU) type of filter. But you should know that they come with some drawbacks as well. If this type of water filtration system is going to be right for you will depend on factors like your fixed budget and what you will be getting if you install it. Next, we will discuss a bit about this kind of water filter along with its advantages and disadvantages. This is to provide a clear picture for you so that you can take an informed decision. So, read on to know more.

What is a POU filter?

To know if this type of filter will be right for your home, you need to understand what it is offering. The point of use filter will treat water at a single tap. Most American homes choose to put this filter under a kitchen sink to get clean, high-quality, and healthy drinking water at the kitchen tap. A whole house filtration system will start to treat the water as soon as it enters the household. Legionella water tap filter, on the other hand, will treat water just before it reaches the single tap that it is connected to.

Advantages and disadvantages of POU filter

Next, let’s discuss the pros and cons of using this type of filter to get an idea if it will be the right choice for your home:


  • If you have been using water pitcher or refrigerator filters only, then you should consider going for POU filters. Refrigerator and water pitcher filters are known for improving the smell and taste of the water slightly. However, point of use filter can provide a better result. It uses techniques like carbon filtration and reverse osmosis that provide healthier and cleaner water that smells alright. This type of filter will get rid of the most common tap water contaminants.
  • When you are buying something, you tend to stay within your fixed budget. You can do this with this type of filter. Compared to a whole-house system, hemodialysis filters are cheaper and this is the reason why more and more households are choosing it. It will be comparatively smaller in size as well. So, you will not find it hard to install it in a place of your liking.
  • Now let’s talk about the installation process. It is very easy to install a POU filter. You can easily install it yourself with minimal modification done to your home for it. There are plenty of service providers who are known for installing this type of filter in less than a day.


  • It is only capable of filtering water from a single faucet. So, your other taps including your shower water will remain untreated.
  • Unlike the whole house filtration system, this type of filter is not known for protecting your appliances and/or pipes.

Now you can guess that to get high-quality drinking legionella water filters easily you can go for point of use filter. It will definitely be a step forward from a water pitcher filter or refrigerator filter. Compared to these two options, you will get much healthier and cleaner water with a POU filter. On the other hand, this type of filter is definitely cheaper than a whole house system. It will fit within your fixed budget. However, it will not be able to provide you will filter water at every tap of your home. So, choose it accordingly.



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