Quality Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana has always been big business, but with the legalization of marijuana in several states and the use of medicinal pot on the rise, it is now a bigger business than ever before. Now that pot has lost a lot of its stigma in various states, many choose to grow their own marijuana at home for personal use. If you live in a state where marijuana is legalized and you decide to grow your own, where can you get seeds and how can you be sure that the seeds you obtain are quality?

Growing your own is an economical way to ensure that your marijuana is to your liking, since there are so many different strains. However, if you are a novice grower, you can run into problems, and it might discourage you into giving up. It could be as simple as finding the most suitable seeds and learning how they grow, in which soils and at which rate. Some seed strains are more resilient than others, others produce better yields than others and there are others that grow quickly. There are many different types of strains available but you want to be sure to pick one that can grow in the climate in which you live.  Research the characteristics of the particular strain and the amount of time you will need to grow the plant. Finding what suits your needs might be the difference in the type you chose to grow and its success rate.

There are four main qualities to look for when selecting marijuana seeds: you will want something that grows quickly, is easy to cultivate, produces large crop amounts and produces high potency cannabis. While you may not be able to locate seeds that provide all these qualities, you will want to investigate what factors are most important to you as a grower. Starting with healthy, viable marijuana seeds is the first place to start.

The first factor, having a kind that grows quickly, will help to reduce the amount of time you will have to devote to its care, which also means you will have the marijuana store in boulder buds sooner. If you are impatient and just want to get to results, finding a lower quality seed that grows quickly might be just what you need to get started. Once you have experience producing a few batches of quickly grown weed, you may want to move up to a better quality that may take more time to cultivate.

The genetics of the marijuana seeds will determine its ease of cultivation. The better the quality, the easier to tend, and generally, the better the product. The biggest problem with getting the highest grade grass tends to be that since it is not legal in all the states, there is not proper regulation, making it difficult to know if you are buying good seeds. You can’t tell anything about their genetics just by looking at them, which is why buying seeds online from a reputable seed bank is generally the easiest way to obtain them, unless you know a knowledgeable local grower willing to sell you some seeds. A seed bank may also offer some troubleshooting advice to help you grow your plant, while a local grower may not. The seed dealer wants you to be successful; if you are, you are more likely to buy their seeds again. Oftentimes, commercial growers will freeze the seeds, especially growers from colder climates. You won’t be able to tell if the seeds you have received have been frozen, but the likelihood that they will produce healthy plants is greatly reduced. Also, if you purchase seeds that are damaged, are immature or have suffered extreme weather factors, like being frozen, they are less likely to sprout. Old seeds are not particularly productive, either. If you do receive favorable seeds, you can anticipate that every one out of three seeds will actually bear plants. How can you determine if the ones you have invested in are worth their buds in the long run? Look for seeds that are hard and dark brown, or marbled with lighter shadesbecause these are the most mature seeds. Fat, large seeds with a rounded shape are also best for planting. Immature seeds will be smaller and may be light green or white. The younger seeds are protected by an outer barrier that dies and falls off as the seed matures, but you can gently remove this cover. Recognize that once you have started the growing process, it is a time investment. You may not get a viable batch the first time, so you may have to suffer through some trial and error to get it right. Once you have some experience with various strains and several years of successful batches, you may decide to grow both male and female plants. The male plants yield the most seeds; the unfertilized female plants garner the biggest and best crops. If you accidently mix the two, your product will be a lot smaller and contain a lot of seeds. While this make work for your next batch of plants, it is a complicated process. Novice growers should buy unfertilized feminine seeds to simplify the process. You will, however, only produce feminine plants, and they will yield very few seeds. It makes it much more difficult to duplicate a strain of marijuana, unless you can purchase the same seeds from the same seed bank.

Make sure you store your seeds properly to ensure they germinate. You will want to store them in a cool, dry, dark spot with some rice or silica gel to absorb the moisture. They need to be stored in an air tight container; this will ensure the longevity of the seeds’ growth period. If they are not stored properly, they could become compromised and lose their growth potential.

With any major undertaking, it is imperative to do your research first. The legality issue should be addressed first; growing pot is not legal in many states and in not advised. Once you have determined you are able to grow marijuana dispensary boulder co in your state, you will want to know how many plants you can legally cultivate. Where to grow them and how to maintain them are also key factors but most importantly, you need to know what you want and then to investigate the many strains of marijuana to see what suits your needs. It all starts with the seeds, of course. If you are growing your own, the seeds will make all the difference, so ensure the seed bank from which you make your purchase is a reputable one. Be patient; it may take a few tries to get the perfect pot.