Meet the 2017 BE Modern Men: Week 2

Cornell Belcher of the 2017 BE Modern Men

Did you miss any of our second week of BE Modern Men for 2017? 

This year’s 100 Men of Distinction continue to inspire with their stories, this time sharing the best advice they’ve ever received. Our second set of 10 honorees kicks off with political pollster Cornell Belcher and also includes men who are spreading the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, spreading the Gospel through hip-hop, spreading the joy of reading to children, and spreading a message of hope to the streets.

BE Modern Man Cornell Belcher Cornell Belcher


Meet ‘The Democracy Disruptor’ Cornell Belcher


Best advice: “If you don’t know the answer, simply say you don’t know the answer.” 

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BE Modern Man John Lewis Bad Ass Vegan John Lewis (Photo by Nicole Kent)


Meet ‘The Bad Ass Vegan’ John Lewis

Health Consultant / CEO and founder of Bad Ass Vegan

Best advice: “‘Impossible is just a big word used by small men.’ Meaning nothing is impossible and if you are willing to work for it and grind for it, then it shall be.”

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BE Modern Man Tony Simmons Tony Simmons aka DJ Tony Tone (Photo by Nialah Baker)


Meet ‘The Christian Hip-Hop DJ’ Tony Simmons

DJ / Radio Personality

Best advice: “There is so much advice that I get because I listen and watch. But one thing that comes to mind is when people show you who they are, believe them.”

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BE Modern Man Vaughn L. McKoy Vaughn L. McKoy (Photo by Christian Del Rosario)


Meet ‘Mr. Empowerment’ Vaughn L. McKoy

Attorney / Speaker 

Best advice: “Loyalty above all else but honesty.”

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BE Modern Man Othell J. Miller Othell J. Miller (Photo by Jaded Baracaldo)


Meet ‘Mr. Theater’ Othell J. Miller

Teacher / Actor

Best advice: “Don’t keep your product or service in the lab forever trying to make it perfect. Put it out and let the market offer feedback on how to refine it.”

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BE Modern Man Kenneth Braswell Kenneth Braswell (Photo by Joseph El-Wise Noisette)


Meet ‘Mr. Real Dads Read’ Kenneth Braswell

Executive Director, Fathers Inc.

Best advice: “The best advice I received was from Coretta Scott King while honoring her at the first annual Black and Latino Achievers Banquet in Albany, New York. While signing one of Dr. King’s children’s books for a friend, she noticed an error in one of the dates for the Selma March. She paused and began to tell me how important it was to protect your name; that it was my responsibility to protect who I am by being a man of integrity, truth, and transparency. That means it is also important to make sure people spell and say your name correctly. She stressed to me that anything out of the context of truth is an inaccurate representation of who I am.”

Read his full profile here.


BE Modern Man Kalan Laws Kalan Laws (Photo by Janae Anderson)


Meet ‘Mr. Dope’ Kalan Laws

Professor / Fashion Stylist and Blogger

Best advice: “Let love guide you! My initial understanding of that statement was from a romantic context; however, as I have grown, so has the life of that piece of wisdom. I know now that being guided by love is not meant to be a statement of folly or whimsical emotional decision making, but a statement that requires one to love themselves in a way that reflects honor, intention, and forthrightness, and love others the same.”

Read his full profile here.


BE Modern Man Cleamon Moorer Jr. Dr. Cleamon Moorer Jr.


Meet ‘Mr. Higher Learning’ Dr. Cleamon Moorer Jr.

Dean, College of Business, Baker College 

Best advice: “The best advice that I ever received came from my father: ‘Son, don’t stop on the hill, go all the way to the mountaintop.’”

Read his full profile here.


BE Modern Man Jahi Rawlings Jahi Rawlings (Photo by Stan Johnson)


Meet ‘Mr. Sports & Entertainment’ Jahi Rawlings

Founder and CEO, Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League

Best advice: “Never give up. The tough times prepare you for success.”

Read his full profile here.


BE Modern Man Frank E. Brady Frank E. Brady (Photo by Jay Kemp)


Meet ‘The Hope Dealer’ Frank E. Brady

Spoken Word Artist / Dream Director, The Future Project

Best advice: “‘Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men, keep allowing the Lord to order your steps.’ —Raymond T. Cash” 

Read his full profile here.



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