For the Record, ‘Jemele Hill is Unbothered’ and Has a New Spotify Podcast

The ever evolving Jemele Hill is at an exciting point in her career. With 21 years in the game as a journalist, sports reporter, and activist (in her own right), she has learned to be unbothered and unapologetic. And she proves that each time she speaks or publishes her truth as a staff writer for The Atlantic.

Hill stopped by BLACK ENTERPRISE to give us an inside scoop on her new Spotify podcast, Jemele Hill Is Unbothered. During the our sit down, she talks all things career moves, securing the bag, and how to take a just stance no matter your industry or career level.

Hill’s partnership with Spotify is timely as the company seeks to amplify the voice of black women through podcasting initiatives.

“From a value alignment standpoint, that’s something I stand for–boosting the voices of young women of color—it’s something they stand for,” said Hill. “And I’m happy to be a part of a brand where we are very like-minded,”