Things To Consider When Buying Self Defense Firearms

You must spend the right time, effort and of course money to buy the right tool in almost all walks of life. You cannot expect a hammer to do the job of a screwdriver and in the same way pocket knives may not be useful if you wish to dig post holes. The same also is the case as far as deciding to buy a buy rifles for your home defense. There are many homeowners who naturally gravitate towards a handgun believing that it could be the best as far as home defense is concerned. However, while they are good in ensuring home defense they do come with their own share of problems and limitations.

By design, handguns are considered to be a compromise by many. There are many who think that when it comes to matching a person with a shotgun or carbine, they leave quite a bit to be desired. This is just one aspect that we are sharing when it comes to choosing the right self-defense firearms. Hence, are you looking to choose the right firearms for self-defense and choose the right gun stores in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas? If, yes, we believe that the following information could be useful in more ways than one.


There is no doubt that though we could have a firearm available with us for self-defense, it is likely that we may not be using it at all. However, when there is a need to use them, they should be sure that they can rely on it. The guns and firearms should deliver when it is needed the most. Therefore you must be sure that you are buying a firearm that is reliable. Going by previous experience, it would be better to look for firearms that are used by the cops, military, and other professionals. These are time-tested, proven and therefore when it comes to reliability they are much better than others.

Effort Required For Proficiency

There is no point in having the right gun unless the end user can learn to use it without too much of a struggle. In other words, the firearm should be a good combination of affordable cost and the users should have easy access to training and mastering the use of the same. The cost of being proficient should be commensurate with the overall use and purpose for which it has been purchased. Put in simple words, the firearms should be user-friendly and there should not be much of a struggle using it.


Choosing the right caliber is often referred to as a tough negotiation with a contractor. High quality and speedy work cannot be expected by paying a low price for it. The same applies to caliber, recoil, size, and even terminal ballistics. For example, while a 44 Magnum could be a great gun, it does have punishing recoil. Therefore, you would need the right handgun to chamber it. However, on the other hand, a small-looking .25 ACP cartridge does not have punishing recoil but the terminal ballistic capability that it offers is very good, to say the least.


Finally, safety is an important point that should never be overlooked when buying a firearm for home use. You should look for various safety features like decocker and other such things. Some firearms have safety features built into the trigger itself.

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