5 Reasons to Vacation With the Family in Guadeloupe


Family vacations can be wonderful—and financially exhausting. Guadeloupe is a great choice for families that want to get away without going too far and spending too much money.

It’s close but feels far away.


The warm, sunny islands that make up this French territory in the Caribbean are just a short plane ride away. Getting there is easy with Norwegian Airways—it’s a direct flight from New York’s JFK airport. Plus, it’s only a 3-hour flight, so you won’t have to deal with too many ‘Are we there yet?” inquiries from the kids! Then, once you arrive, there are the family-friendly accommodations along white sandy beaches, inexpensive activities that engage young minds, and tantalizing cuisine featuring the freshest ingredients.

The seafood is unsurpassed in Guadeloupe.


The islands’ culinary style has French, African, Caribbean, and even Indian influences. Each of the islands incorporates these flavors in a unique way, but all of them make the most of the plentiful seafood, which is prepared to the highest culinary standards. Local fish and shellfish are caught fresh every day, sometimes making it from sea to table in just a few hours—whether you’re dining at a four-star restaurant, on-site at your hotel, or enjoying an inexpensive meal on the go from a local street vendor.


(Photo: Aniesia Williams)
(Photo: Aniesia Williams)

Guadeloupe is a paradise for hikers.


You know those movies and TV shows where you see hikes through lush rainforests that end when a majestic waterfall comes into view, complete with a natural pool for swimming? In Guadeloupe National Park (Parc National de la Guadeloupe), you’ll feel like you’re in the movie. And, bonus—it’s free! The islands are known for their excellent hiking, with more than 100 miles of trails.

(Photo: Aniesia Williams)
(Photo: Aniesia Williams)


The park sits at the base of La Soufrière volcano. Bring good hiking shoes because the trails may be muddy or slippery. Pack a swimsuit and a rain jacket, too. Choose among several well-marked, guided hikes depending on your skill, experience, and interest. Birdwatchers, keep your eyes open for the black woodpecker, pearly-eyed thrasher, and lesser Antillean pewee. And don’t miss the Yellow Baths hot spring! The official park website is in French, but most browsers can translate. Trace (trail) statuses are posted regularly, so check it out before you go.

Guadeloupe has a family-friendly beach resort with something for everyone.


La Creole Beach Hotel in le Gosier is nestled among garden surroundings, featuring palm trees and bright bougainvillea. Three on-premise restaurants make feeding the whole family simple, and breakfast is included. Restaurants offer French cuisine, Cajun/Creole cuisine, or a “diner” experience with pizza and quick-service lunch. Amenities include Wi-Fi (for a small fee), satellite TV, room service options, hair dryers, and complimentary crib/rollaway beds.

(Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Children of guests are welcome in the children’s club area, and there’s also a fee-based childcare service. There are two pools (one for children), plus many on-site activities for families traveling with older kids/teens, too. Things like sailing, volleyball, windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, bicycle rentals, and spa services!

You can island hop to a fort.


Les Saintes is the site of Fort Napoleon, where you can get unforgettable 360-degree scenic views. It’s educational but it’s also fascinating. The fort’s museum is dedicated to the art, culture, history, and natural beauty of the area. Don’t miss the botanical cactus garden (yes, cacti in the Caribbean!) or the roaming iguanas. Get an early start—the site has limited hours, just 9:00 am to 12:30 p m. Also, it’s a steep walk up from the ferry dock, but a short one—only about 15-20 minutes. You may want to pack a French-English dictionary, as many exhibit materials are in French. Guided tours are available in French, although self-guided ones are fine, too. Admission is roughly $4 for adults, $2.25 for children.

(Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Guadeloupe is the perfect family vacation—it’s close to home and there’s lots to do for everyone. It’s hard to see why anyone would pass up a trip to this tropical paradise.