Quick Tips to Plan Your Own “Girls Trip” Away From the Office

Girl getaways have always been popular, but don’t be surprised if you become inspired to plan your own trip, especially after the release of the movie Girls Trip. Entrepreneurs, and everyone else, sometimes need to get away and chill out with friends.

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A lot can go right in a girl getaway, but a lot can go wrong, too. Here are five tips for planning your own “girls trip” without a hitch.

Choose Your Destination Wisely


You could go on an exotic vacation to somewhere luxurious with the girls, or you could simply go around the way to New Orleans as in the movie Girls Trip. Keep in mind, if you stay closer to home, you can save money or bow out and head home if you end up feeling miserable on the trip.


Choose Your Travel Companions Carefully


If you don’t want a chaotic mess of “plus ones” whom you didn’t invite on your trip, select only your good girlfriends for your getaway. Don’t allow your core group of friends to invite other people. Make it clear that extra guests, children, and significant others are absolutely not invited, because this trip is just for a special group of sister-friends. Oh, and it’s a good idea to invite girls who get along with each other.


The Money Situation


It’s best that you take care of the money situation upfront:

Are you treating your girls to the trip?

Should everyone pitch in to pay for her accommodations, food, etc..?

All-inclusive resorts offer one of the easiest ways to travel without always having to go into your pocketbook for this or that. Just make sure that everyone knows how much she should pay.

Be Creative With Ideas


Discuss excursion ideas with your girls. Plan to go on a yacht ride. Go wine tasting, shopping, to the beach, to a popular bar. Go the club or visit a castle (the ladies on Basketball Wives LA toured the Pena National Palace in Portugal).

And just because it’s a girl’s trip doesn’t mean everyone is together all of the time. Don’t forget to give everyone their space. Encourage participation, but if someone isn’t willing to participate in an activity or two, allow her to choose an alternative activity. One important rule for a happy girl’s trip: Everyone is not going to agree on everything.






Lawrence from ‘Insecure,’ aka Jay Ellis, Talks Tech

Jay Ellis aka Lawrence from Insecure (Image: Ken Franklin)

When we left the last season of HBO’s Insecure, the block was hot. Issa cheated on Lawrence, Lawrence had a breakdown and did what he did with Tasha and we were left at the edges of our seats like what in the entire ****?!

Since every other platform has covered that recap to the T, I took a different approach. As the Silicon Valley tech editor at Black Enterprise, I was really curious about Lawrence’s app Woot-Woot, which he somehow wasn’t inspired enough to get off the couch for and his new tech job that proved to the world that his bounce back game was actually stronger than we all may have assumed.

Additionally, I was extremely intrigued by Jay Ellis in real life. How close was he actually to the character Lawrence on the show and how knowledgeable is he really about the tech industry?

I met up with Ellis at his new restaurant Verlaine, in Beverly Hills, and we set down for some tech Q&A followed by an interesting round of digital Truth or Dare. When all was said and done, I was pleasantly surprised. Ellis is extremely knowledgeable about tech. He understands the landscape, gets company valuations, and is pretty well versed on the latest technologies currently on the market.

Sequoia Blodgett and Jay Ellis (Image: Ken Franklin) Sequoia Blodgett and Jay Ellis (Image: Ken Franklin)


I asked him how he would use virtual reality and he said he’d love to see inside the human body. “Yeah, it’s crazy, it’s like one of the most amazing organisms on the planet, right. It’s so resilient and it’s constantly recreating itself. I would love to just watch it all work.”

That’s an extremely fascinating concept and something that I’d love to witness as well. On the flip side, imagine Lawrence with VR goggles. Oh boy! He would never have gotten up off that couch.

Check out the full interview below and catch Season 2 of Insecure on HBO, July 23rd.

(Video: Ken Franklin)