5 Reasons to Stay at Miami Beach’s New Stanton Hotel

Miami Beach has long been known for sun, fun, and nightlife. And regular visitors are probably very familiar with the row of boutique hotels that line Ocean Drive in South Beach. Well, the former South Beach Marriott has gotten a makeover and a new name. It’s now the Marriott Stanton South Beach hotel and it’s an absolute gem for business and recreational travelers alike! Here are five reasons you should stay at the Stanton.

1. The hotel is still a beauty

This historic Marriott hotel has long welcomed guests seeking sunshine, shopping, and the seashore. Today’s visitors enjoy those same pleasures but in modernized guest rooms with upscale amenities and balconies with skyline or ocean views. The Marriott Stanton South Beach has more than 200 rooms available, including more than half a dozen suites. The clean lines and art deco styling are a nod to the hotel’s past while wall-mounted flat screen televisions, open floor plans, and luxurious bathrooms with premium fixtures meet contemporary expectations.

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2. It’s close to on- and off-site activities

The Marriott Stanton South Beach didn’t just upgrade its guest rooms, it upgraded the entire hotel! Enjoy two oceanfront pools ringed with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and palm trees. Check out the view while relaxing in the high-rise lounge. Guests can use the on-site fitness center or sign up for a massage in the spa or in your guest room.

Off-property, start the day off with sunrise yoga, which is offered on a local beach within walking distance of the Stanton. Feeling adventurous? The Oleta River State Park on nearby Biscayne Bay offers kayaking. Or see the local sites on bikes you can rent directly from the hotel.

3. Enjoy local and international flavor

One of the best things about South Beach is the food. The Marriott Stanton South Beach offers guests several on-site dining options for every taste. Lolo’s Surf Cantina serves Mexican cuisine while the Deco Blue Restaurant and Bar serves American food. Feel like eating local but by the pool? Then you’ll want to order from The Spot, which will bring your meal to your beach chair. The hotel’s Japanese restaurant is scheduled to open this fall. And like any upscale hotel, room service is available.

(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)


4. It’s like living on the beach

One of the best things about Miami Beach is the beach! And guests of the Marriott Stanton South Beach can’t get much closer—the hotel is literally beachside. You can spend every day on the soft, white sand enjoying the surf and sunshine. Available beach services include cabanas, beach umbrellas, and beach chairs. Food and drink orders are taken all afternoon, so there’s no reason at all to leave “the perfect spot.”

5. You can’t beat its location

Right on Ocean Drive, South of Fifth (SoFi) is the place to be for art, music, and entertainment in South Beach. The Marriott Stanton South Beach is within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, art galleries, and even the Miami Beach Convention Center.

(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Image: Aniesia Williams)


Whether you’re looking to fill your days with activities or simply relax and enjoy the warm, sunny weather, the Marriott Stanton South Beach hotel is ideally located less than 30 minutes away from Miami International Airport, and has something for everyone. See you in Miami!

LeBron James Is Destined For NBA Ownership [The Shadow League]

(Image: Twitter/KingJames)

If you think the LeBron vs MJ debate is wearing you out now, wait until James retires. Because not only will we have a full body of work and some completed resumes to choose from, we’ll also have the next chamber of the discussion to wade into

James, who has a chance to go down as the first active billionaire athlete to play professional sports due to his numerous business ventures off the court, has made it known for a while now that one of his goals is NBA ownership.

And why not? He’s admitted that the ghost he’s chasing is that bald guy who once invited people to come fly with him while he figuratively owned the league as a player with the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s.

James is not shy about his desire to be like Mike, and that’s not solely limited to his on-court exploits 

In a recent interview with Ken Berger of The Athletic during the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics, he re-emphasized his desire to become a majority owner in the NBA, just like Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Bobcats.*

*Original title is “LeBron James Is Destined For NBA Ownership And More Jordan Comparisons.” Read the article in its entirety on The Shadow League 

Derek Jeter’s Marlins Ownership Dream Is Dead [The Shadow League]

(Image: iStock/458264257)


The potential ownership Dream Team of Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter, reportedly on the cusp of buying the Miami Marlins just a month ago, seems to be no more as ESPN reports that a source close to the negotiations says the former Florida Governor, who was also to carry the bulk of the financial responsibilities, is no longer interested in buying the Miami Marlins and has ended his participation in sales talks.

The person confirmed Bush’s decision to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday because the Marlins have not commented on the situation yet. 

With the money man gone, it’s reported that Jeter may still explore a bid with other investors, but his ownership dream and all of the excitement and possibilities that went along with it are squashed for now. He won’t be taking his talents to South Beach in the foreseeable future. 

After most media ran with the story and basically anointed Jeter’s ownership group the winners of a bidding war that was far from over earlier this month, we find out that there were other heavy hitters in the running. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Bush’s group was relatively even in its price offer with another group led by businessman Tagg Romney, son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.*

*Read the story in its entirety at The Shadow League 


Michael Vick’s Love Of Football Remains As Strong As Ever [The Shadow League]

(Image: The Shadow League)

Officially retired from the NFL, he’s still heavily invested and involved in the game

The Shadow League recently caught up with retired NFL quarterback Michael Vick at his V7 Elite Playmakers Showcase Series in Dallas, Texas.

As he transitions away from his active NFL career, Vick is looking to pass along his insights and knowledge to the next crop of promising young athletes who share his passion for the game that he loves. He is conducting the showcase events in strategic locations across the country, intent on providing a camp setting where some of the top middle and high school athletes around the country can receive quality instruction from some of the best prep, college and pro coaches and players, along with constructive evaluation tools while motivating them to improve and sharpen their skills

Here are excerpts from The Shadow League’s interview:

The Shadow League: Talk about the V7 Elite Playmakers Showcase and what you hope to accomplish with this.

Michael Vick: It’s a showcase where we bring in some of the top athletes from around the country. We want the best of the best to come put and compete, to get the proper schooling and the proper teaching. The kids that want to be the best can come out and learn, doing fundamental drills and learning different techniques through passing drills and one-on-one instruction.

It’s about becoming engaged in the game from a competitive standpoint. The most important part is teaching competition and letting kids know that this is a serious game. We want to make sure that the next generation gets the proper schooling and the proper teaching. 

TSL: This is bigger than sports for you. What are, from your perspective, the most important elements of coaching in terms of the physical and mental aspects of the game, along with growing into manhood?

MV: Growing up,I always kept things in perspective, and every kid is not the same. Every kid is not going to be like me. Their attitudes and temperament may be different, or the way they carry themselves. I want kids to understand that it takes a certain level of discipline to get to the next level. Not the NFL, but college because that’s what’s next for them. If they can understand those main core principles: school first, ball second, being respectful around the school, being respected by your teachers and peers, being a leader at a young age: then I think it gives them an opportunity to broaden their focus, to understand what is most important.

TSL:  What do you bring to these young people that makes you walk away at the end of the day and puts a smile on your face, saying to yourself, “You know what? I’ve been through what I’ve been through, but I can now give so much?”

MV: I like to let them know that I’m approachable, that I’m real. I’m not just showing up. I want to see them succeed. I work with the quarterbacks. I work with the defensive backs, I work with the receivers, I work with the running backs. I know and understand all the positions. I understand the game. I’ve played with the best, and it’s all about giving them that experience and letting them understand that, “Hey, I really do care and want you to succeed.”

TSL: Why do you love football so much?

MV: It’s just a fun game. I had my moments, I had my time and I enjoyed it. And now I get to watch young kids do it all over again. Now I get to focus on the next generation, and I think that’s important.

TSL: What is it about the game, from the beauty of it to the beast, that teaches kids life lessons that they might not understand now but can benefit them down the road?

MV: It’s a violent game, but it’s also a work of art. With all that it entails and what you have to do in terms of structure, it’s a beautiful game. When the kids get it and understand it, you can help them to get better. There are going to be various moments where you’re going to faced with adversity, but those are the moments that are going to bring out your character. That’s the ultimate measure, of a kid and of a man, in terms of what you do when your character is in jeopardy. It happens on and off the field and in all different walks of life.*

*Read the interview in its entirety at The Shadow League